The Recovery Gate

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For our beloved pets recovering from surgery that require confinement, this is a fence that works perfectly. It can be custom made to fit the exact dimensions you require, whether it’s for a large or small dog. If you would like a fence to fit around your pet’s favorite bed while they recover – we can easily create this for you.

The idea for this fence came from our dog Buddy, who at the time was recovering from back surgery. The only option available to us was leaving him in a locked cage, but we were against that for many reasons: moving him in and out of it was extremely awkward, we could not access him easily, plus he genuinely seemed unhappy in it. Our worst fear was that something would happen at the house when we were not home, and Buddy would be trapped. We wished there were other options to keep him confined safely during the times when we were not at home - this is how the Recovery Gate came to be. We truly believe it played a huge factor in Buddy's recovery – we hope it brings the same joy and results to your pet!