Custom Gates


Custom Size Zigzag Gate:  36 inches high and 15 feet long

This zig zag gate will block off an area up to 13 feet wide.

NEW PRODUCT - The Gate Snugger System.

The following two diagrams show how we convert a zig zag gate into a gate that can be snugged between two walls to keep your larger or jumping dogs from pushing through or getting over a gate.

The first modification we make to a zig zag gate is:  the top rail of each gate section is notched and a new top rail is made to slip into the notch of the gates. (diagram A)

When the new top rail is installed on the gate it is offset on the gate to prevent the hinges from moving.  This will convert a gate with four separate sections into one large gate with one section.

The second modification is to build a snugger mechanism on one end of the gate. (diagram B). This mechanism will increase the size of the gate approximately one inch.  This one inch of expansion will produce enough pressure to hold the gate in place.

Note: If the walls that the gate is going to be installed on have a baseboard molding we build feet for the bottom of the gate to lift it over it.  These feet also help support the gate once it is installed. (See diagram B)

Please email us for more details on this new product.


Custom Size Wall Snugger Gate:  38 inches high and 6 feet wide

This gate snugs itself to the walls by two t-screws on one side.  (right side of gate). Price of gate depends upon size.  Please email for more information.






Large Zig-zag gate with Snugger System: 42 inches high and 8.5 feet wide

The gate snugger system can be built for opening of 2 feet and up to 10 feet. All gate snuggers can be folded up to be stored in a small closet or under a bed.  Please email us for more information!!

custom6 custom7

Custom V-gates with Snugger systems.

These gates have been built out of 1 1/4" boards to make them stronger and more suitable for larger dogs.  Please email us for more information and prices.

custom8 custom9

New Gate Panels - All of our gates can be built using these new panel styles.