About Our Company

Who we are!

B&M WoodnTechnologies is a family run woodworking business which specializes in custom wooden dogcontainment products.  We build and sell the same products we use for our own dogs plus we will design and build custom products for our customers. We build dog gates and dog enclosures for people who do not want to use baby gates for their dogs.

What We Do

We currently specialize in containment systems for small and older dogs that don't jump very much and therefore don't need to have the units attached to the walls. All our products stand up on their own and are light enough that anyone can move them around.

What's New?

We Are!  After many months of design and testing we at B&M are ready to sell our quality wood gates andfences. How many of us have bought baby gates to keep our loving dogs in or out of one room in our homes? Isn't it time to replace them with something that really fits the decor of your beautiful home? Are you looking for something with a little bit of style? If you are looking for a different kind of containment system  then you have come to the right website!

In the Works!

We are testing a taller and heavier system for containing larger dogs.  This system will hold the gate tight in a door way by using a t-knob system. Please check back with us in a couple of days to see pictures or email us for more information.