About Us

aboutusHow we got started

We designed and built our first gates for our own dogs about 4 years ago.  Our two dogs Buddy and Molly, whom our company is named after, are our entire world.  The sun and the moon revolve around their lives and their happiness. So when they were both diagnosed with degenerative disc disease we did everything we could to prevent further aggravation of the condition.  We live in a house that has an open floor plan and the main floor covering is tile.  So we needed a way to keep our babies contained in a part of the house which was carpeted.  We searched the web to find a solution but all we found were baby gates that had to be attached to the walls.  This is when we decided to design and build our own systems.

We started with very basic self standing zig zag gates to block them in the living room and since then we have redesigned them into very smart looking gates for doorways and the stairs. These all worked great until Buddy became totally immobile from the disease and required back surgery.  When we brought  the little guy home to recover we were instructed to keep him in a small pen for six weeks. We figured we could use a large pen that we used to crate train the dogs when we first got them but after trying to climb into the cage to pick him up out to go outside we realized that  this wasn't going to work.  We then decided that a new system was necessary for containing him in his smaller bed during his recovery.   The new system we created was a three sectioned hinged fence that wrapped around a small washable bed. It was approximately 14 inches high which made it very easy to pet and move Buddy when necessary.

This made our job taking care of Buddy so much easier and we are hoping that other families will be able to take advantage of these products for their own dogs.

Our Mission:

To provide a quality dog containment system for people who love their babies as much as we do!